Hospital building against blue sky

Identify, load and count.  This is the mantra our team has said countless times working with a five hospital client in New York.  This system has 100+ locations, a 90+ vehicle fleet, across a large area with two utility companies and a mix of heating oil, gasoline, diesel fuel, natural gas and electricity.  In order to focus on the data to drive results, our team meetings start with the saying “identify the assets, load the data, count the emissions.”

A consulting partner once said, “if you’ve see one health system, you’ve seen one health system.”  Each health system is unique and will require a consistent methodology but with a different lens.  Academic medical centers are unique and combine education with clinical service.  To help each client we will need to “identify, load and count” that reflects their unique operations.

about SION60

SION60 is committed to offering affordable carbon reduction as a service to health systems, nonprofits and small businesses.