Prioritized for success

Earth needs Action Now, we will help you

Our GreenCare™ Plan helps you organize action and prioritize projects to save money. You don’t need to hire consultants or spend hours searching projects. Earth needs action now, we can help get to the point faster, cheaper.

Leadership can come from Anywhere in the Organization

Beginning can be a solo effort or a small group. Don’t worry about who is in your workgroup or who needs to join. Talk with some like minded peers over coffee. Each organization is different. We can help you build a plan from there.

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Any ambition is a good start, it will grow

Some organizations may have lofty ambitions. Others may just start with what is possible in a short timeframe. Either allows you to build a workable plan.

Organize your plan by emissions scope

There is a trusted international framework to help organize actions into three scopes.

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The CFO is your ally

Believe it or not, your CFO wants you to succeed because when your goals are met the organization will save money and be more sustainable. We have over 100 projects to help you start a financial conversation.

Significant Others

Once your core group is formed and you have a plan, you may find other like minded department leaders who can lend a small amount of time and data. Departments like: HR, supply chain, facilities, marketing, pharmacy, IT and even vendors.

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Passionate – Dedicated – Experienced

start your GreenCare plan with a Call

Our team has been working for four years with CXOs and directors of 20+ hospitals. A short conversation can organize your approach.

  • Identify strategic goals and vision for action

  • Discuss organizational hurdles to overcome

  • Build consensus with action steps

  • Create a compelling financial model

  • Avoid costly consultants and engineers

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We want you to succeed.