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Save money, meet sustainability goals, reduce carbon footprint

Based on signals from investors, governments and customers, the carbon reduction industry has begun. ROI is so important, we built it into our easy to deploy software. Expensive solutions exist or you can start smart, get organized and go fast with projects that you can implement rapidly!

Energy savings

Hard ROI from hospital sustainability comes from reducing expensive fossil fuel sources like Scope 1 combustion sources (natural gas, fuel, anesthesia) and Scope 2 (electricity). These efficiency measures are often already in your capital budgets. Metrics: BTU, kWh, cash, other.

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Utility rebates

Your energy vendors also have a carbon reduction plan. Many of them have rebates and credits for implementing energy efficiency projects you are likely already doing. Metric: cash.

employee retention

According to Yale, your employees are wondering what is your carbon reduction plan. Engaging them in this work can give you new ideas from the front line, increase engagement scores and retain employees. Metric: employee survey.

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Government programs

The Inflation Reduction Act provides $400B to improve our climate. There may be programs available for specific projects. Cities and states may have their own programs. Metrics: cash.

Energy credits

Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) for renewable electric projects (Scope 2) and offsets are two tools to help your company become carbon neutral. RECs are tradable and can be sold. Prices for carbon offsets prices may increase due to global demand. A plan is prudent. Metric: cash from REC sale.

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Differentiate yourself with customers

Companies have begun to market carbon reduction initiatives to buyers. Consumers of all generations, particularly younger customers, want to know how your company will not harm the planet and even help it. Could this resonate with your customers? If so, act fast. Metric: revenue, customer engagement score

Better energy cost budgeting

Often utility expenses (scope 1 & 2) are treated as line items in corporate budgets slowly increasing over time and not worth examining. In this economy, don’t you want to know the savings opportunity? Metric: cash.

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Passionate – Dedicated – Experienced

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