SION60's proprietary computer dashboard

Comprehensive Tools

driving results on day one

innovative, low-cost programs

Our tools are affordable and easy to use and we will ingest your data

Rapid Results

Our ready to go programs provide ROI quickly

personalized assistance

We provide you with a dedicated sustainability analyst

Comprehensive software

Our Low Cost CarbonEMR™
Platform puts data at your fingertips

  • Define your organization (JVs, buildings, fleet, other assets)

  • ROI: 20+ metrics to help make your CFO your ally

  • Governance, communication, planning documents to get your CXOs, board and vendors engaged

  • 75+ ready to go projects to reduce carbon emissions, increase energy efficiency, identify rebates

  • Data ingestion to save time, make it easy for your team: pdf, excel, interfaces to utilities, EnergyStar

  • Analytics on baseline, future scenarios

  • Scope 1 (burn)- natural gas, heating oil, anesthesia, fleet fuel

  • Scope 2 (electricity)

  • Scope 3 (value chain)- supplies, capital equipment, investments, employee commuting, business travel, waste and inhalers

SION60's proprietary computer dashboard

Passionate – Dedicated – Experienced

The steps we follow to
achieve your goals

Our process saves you time and money by identifying your carbon reduction opportunities, and the ROI potential. We help make the CFO your ally.

Create an action plan in during first 30 days.

Customize your ROI to meet project goals.

Finalize Communication Documents To The Board, CXOs, Employees, Vendors And Community.

Identify Projects To Get Started To Meet Your Plan And ROI.

Input Your Data So You Can Focus On Leadership Work To Transform Your Organization.

Review And Analytics And Provide Quarterly Updates To Keep You On Track.

Build OPEX And CAPEX Plans For CFO Approval And Create A Sustainability Fund.