Healthcare’s quadruple aim is about reducing cost, improving population health, patient experience and health worker well being.  It is often quoted and instantly frames a strategy for action.  May I humbly add “Being Green, Saves Green” as a framework for healthcare sustainability.   There is an ROI for sustainability that can be confidently communicated to Boards and CFOs.  The group of hospitals I work with in Denver saved over $1M or $350 per bed in energy savings and reduced our carbon emissions.  We also avoided multi-million dollar penalties from a local city energy use reduction initiative.   In addition, one of the most polluting and expensive anesthesia gasses – desflurane- was eliminated from the pharmacy formulary without a peep from anesthesiologists resulting in significant annual savings and a reduction in carbon emissions.   Imagine the power when all of these savings are quantified and communicated to the Board and CFO to create a “sustainability fund” to invest in other sustainability and carbon reducing initiatives, like building projects and electrifying vehicle fleets.

SION60 gives you 70+ projects to get a running start on Day 1!   We will help you manage these projects to completion and measure the results.  Your CFO can be your biggest ally, we can help you show them that Being Green, Saves Green.

about SION60

SION60 is committed to offering affordable carbon reduction as a service to health systems, nonprofits and small businesses.